Southold 2018 Therapy For Liars

Southold 2018 Therapy For Liars

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Granacha, Mataro and Merlot come together to form a red that’s incredibly light and juicy with just enough structure.


Varieties: 60% Granacha, 22% Mataro, 18% Merlot
Vineyard: Robert Clay Vineyards
Location: Texas Hill Country, TX
Alcohol: 12.73%
Production: 124 cases

Super juice, strawberry farm on an ocean coast. Some would argue it’s rosé, but it’s got way too much depth and structure for that.

Grapes were picked at the same time, destemmed and then fermented in concrete.

Robert Clay Vineyards is located in the heart of Texas in the Texas Hill Country AVA. Its location generates a unique micro-climate well-suited to grape production and has some of the older vines in Texas as well as some newly planted trial blocks.