Revel Wine was started in 2006 by Matthew Plympton. At this point Matthew had been working with WineWise, the Terry Theise Selections distributor in California for three years, as well as a small broker start up of California wine called Stern Wines. Stern called it quits in the Spring of 2006 and several of the producers that Matthew had been working with asked if he would continue on representing them.

Fast forward to the Summer of 2007. Matthew convinces now partner Tom Hunter that change was afoot in California and that he needed help taking Revel Wine from a fledgling one man business to something more serious. Like Matthew, Tom was coming from a pretty diverse background of working in the restaurant business as well as selling wine for both importers and domestic wineries.

In early 2008 Matthew and Tom relaunched Revel Wine with the ideology they have today: to represent a new generation of farmers and cider makers, winegrowers and winemakers, many of whom work with natural, organic or biodynamic practices in their vineyards and farms, and rely on spontaneous fermentations with wild yeasts. 

Over the past ten years they have grown from a California focus to including wines from Oregon, Washington, and New York (as well as imports from Greece, Spain, France and Germany). In 2015 they added three American craft cider producers, Art & Science, Scar of the Sea and Shacksbury, and have since grown this part of the portfolio to include other producers from California, Colorado, New York, and Vermont.